How We Work

When you work with Miles Ahead, you escape typical agency procedures, overhead, and mark-ups, because we aren’t an agency. Nimble and small by design, Miles Ahead offers marketing and public relations services that are creative and affordable.

We work with all types of clients

Miles Ahead works with start-ups, established businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. Some of our clients are around the corner. Others are across state lines.

We hand-pick your project team

Miles Ahead keeps costs lower than larger competitors by operating as an agency without walls. When a client project requires specific expertise that we don’t have in-house, we invite one of our trusted collaborators to join the project team. You get the benefit of having a custom-selected expert who is the best fit for your project.  In this way, you only pay for the exact skills you need, when you need them, and you never cover overhead costs that don’t pertain to your project. Miles Ahead provides all project coordination, providing you with one-stop service.

Need a very specific set of skills? No problem. It’s our business to keep on top of who’s who in the marketing world.

We tailor our contract to suit your situation

From project pricing to hourly billing to retainers, we’re interested in what works best for you. We can do a quick project and disappear. You can call us when you need us, whether that’s weekly or monthly or once a year. Or, we can serve as your marketing department, reserving time to work closely on projects each week.

Miles Ahead has done more for my public relations and media exposure in six months than all of my other marketing efforts combined.

From the very beginning, Deb Czech seemed to separate the signal from the noise and dial in on clear, interesting messaging for my business. She is an ace of her trade.

Nick Pavoldi

Bodywork Professionals